Friday, October 10, 2008

My Typical Friday

Got up at 5:30, had devotions and prayer, dropped Justin off at work, cleaned mom's house, picked Justin up from work, ran to the bank, ran through Taco Bell for Justin, got gas, came home for Justin to shower for school, ran Justin to school, went to the bank (again), went grocery shopping at Aldi's, went grocery shopping at Wal Mart, came home to unload groceries, sat down for five minutes, helped the children put the groceries away, started cleaning out the fridge, loaded the dishwasher, left to pick Justin up from school, finshed cleaning out the fridge, cut up fruits and veggies for the fridge, cleaned counters and appliances, swept and mopped kitchen floor, cleaned living room, folded laundry, swept the hard wood floors, ran the vacuum on the rugs, sat down for five minutes, cut my toe nails (weren't expecting that one, were ya), took a shower, dressed for dinner with my hubby, put more laundry away, saw Justin off to work at the corn maze, fried some burgers for my children and Justin's friends, and now I am waiting for Bruce to get ready so we can go out on a date.

See.....I do other things besides blog.