Thursday, October 9, 2008

Virginia Creeper Trail, Part V

OK, funny story here......
When we first started the trail, we picked up speed very quickly. As I was concentrating on passing some of the other bikers I wasn't really paying attention to the trees, but out of the corner of my eye I saw bananas hanging on the trees. So I told Bruce, "Hon, look, there's bananas on the trees." He said, "Those are leaves, Baby Doll....*giggle*.....hey, yeah, if we get lost on the trail we'll have some trail bananas to keep us alive." Needless to say we laughed about that all the way down the mountain everytime we saw the yellow leaves.

My banana monkey man. LOL


Peddal faster, hon!

We made it!!!

Drew wasn't as enthusiastic about our return. He was OUT. Caleb on the other hand was ready to go again.

Being silly...

There were even puppies to play with.

When we got back on the road to come home, some of us wanted to stop for a frozen yogurt. To be honest, I was still stuffed from the giant burger I had at the grill. I told Bruce I wanted a waffle cone. Little did I know it would be as big as my head. I was so sick when I got home. But you know what? I still lost four pounds for the week. LOL

This is what I look like after bike riding all day. Nice, huh?

Caleb enjoyed his blueberry yogurt. It did look pretty good....before I had my cookies and cream yogurt, that is.

And check out this face. He thought himself special seeing he had the only table in the room where the rest of us couldn't sit. LOL