Saturday, October 25, 2008

Congratulations, Christopher and Courtney!

Courtney, from Courtney's Contemplations, said "I do" to her Christopher today. She was a very beautiful bride and I cried off and on through the entire wedding.
She was my flower girl at my wedding, so seeing her all dressed up as the bride made me a little teary-eyed. LOL
The church was decorated beautifully with, what seemed like, yards and yards of white tulle, hundreds and hundreds of white lights, small trees, pumpkins, fall leaves, etc. It was gorgeous! Really.
(Christopher, Courtney, Bruce, and Courtney's grandmother)

The entire wedding was God-honoring. And I especially enjoyed the songs chosen. They were so appropriate to Courtney and Christopher's upbringing and Christian homes. I was impressed with the fact that after the ceremony, after the entire bridal party had departed to the foyer, Courtney's pastor, as requested by the newlyweds, gave an opportunity for people to accept Christ. It was very different and very sweet.
I have lots of pictures, but I'm saving them until Courtney is able to post her own pictures first. So! These few will have to do. Click here to tell Mr. and Mrs. ------ congratulations.