Monday, October 20, 2008

Ladies Trip

About thirteen to fifteen of us left Friday morning and headed up to Boone for a little shopping, R&R, and the Wooly Worm Festival.
Mrs. Tammy was driving our van. THANKS, TAMMY!

I was the quiet, more reserved van with Kellie......

Mrs. Freida, and Mrs. Mott.

Our first stop was not too far up the road. Apparently, severaly ladies in our group had been to this little shop called Redbone Willie's. I had never even heard of it. They did not allow cameras in the store and we knew why. They had some great craft ideas in the store, but I was not impressed with their all. I liked their stuff, but couldn't really see what all the hoopla was about. lol

This was an awesome tire swing hanging on the porch of the shop. Isn't that neat? At least three women asked if Bruce would make them one. Bruce COULD make them one, but I wouldn't hold my breath that he actually WILL make them one. LOL

Mander just couldn't resist.........

The weather was less than perfect when we started out, but thankfully it cleared up as the day progressed.

Kellie just had to get out for boiled peanuts. I won't tell you what she's laughing at. Let's just say I yelled out something embarrassing to her.

Mrs. Janet giving her Vogue pose.

Pretty trees

Mrs. Ava's driveway

We made it to the house about 1:30, I think. That's Mrs. Vondie at the bottom of the first set of steps. She looks like she's going to do something sneaky. She probably was.

We had done a little shopping at an outlet mall before going to Mrs. Ava's. So after we carried in all of luggage, some of us sat down to gaze at our goodies.

And some of us started fixing lunch.

The view from Mrs. Ava's deck.

Vondie and Kalyn were still carrying in things. Kalyn is Mander's sister and it was so wonderful having her with us. But she was so sick with bronchitis and you could tell she was not feeling well. I think that despite having bronchitis she still had a good time. We were all glad she was able to go.

Mott and Christy....mother and daughter.



Lunch time! Mrs. Janet had grilled chicken before we left on our trip. She also made tri-colored pasta and had chicken salad and crackers. That was our lunch, along with the fantastic desserts that a couple of the ladies brought.

After lunch, Janet took those of us staying at the motel to check in. Then we found a mall and did a little more shopping while waiting for April and Mrs. Ava to make it in. We met up with them at the Sagebrush where we had supper.

And of course after supper there was a HUGE debate on the van over Christy voting for Obama. She had my blood pressure worked up with such liberal talk that I was ready to throw her off the van and truly do physical harm. Only to find out that for the last five minutes, she had been pulling my strings and keeping a very straight face the entire time.
Missy was getting a good laugh out of this debate.

We made it back to the house where we chatted for a bit and got ready for bed.

And then we were blessed with Tar-Tar and Wong. Two Chinese girls, new to America starting their spa business. Tar-Tar was giving Mrs. Janet a massage.

And then Tar-Tar and Wong gave everyone manicures and pedicures. But not me....Wong doesn't like me, so I didn't get any of my nails done. :(

After our skit and devotions, Mrs. Janet took those of us staying at the motel back to the motel. I roomed with Mander and Kalyn and next door to us was Freida and Mott. We probably could have all stayed there at the house, but it was a bit crowded. Mander and I stayed up and talked until 4:00 am. And we were both awake at 7:30. I don't get to talk to her as much as I used to when I kept the girls, so it was great. She's such a sweetheart! Love you, Mander!

Saturday morning Mrs. Janet picked us up and brought us back to the house where she had fixed biscuits and sausage gravy and eggs. That was a good jump start to our day. Mrs. Ava took a group of us to the Wooly Worm festival, which by the way, is like going to a Southern Ladies show. Five of us did not go. Mrs. Janet, Mander, Kalyn, Pam, and myself, decided to stay back where it was warm and rest. We were enjoying the quietness and were very upset when the group came back WAY earlier than they we expected them to because they got too cold outside. But that's OK. I woke up when they got back and ate lunch with them. We had a repeat of chicken and pasta. Mmmm! Good thinkin' on that menu, Mrs. Janet!

And to Beverly and Krystin, you were the only reason I hated I missed the Wooly Worm. I was shocked to hear y'all were there and sad to hear I missed seeing you.

We gathered our luggage, loaded up, straightened the house, and made our way back down the mountain. But not before stopping at the Mast General Store. We ALWAYS stop at the Mast General Store. This time the store was PACKED. No doubt due to people in for the Wooly Worm festival.

This post office is still operating, which I thought was neat.

There was a bluegrass group playing in the middle of the store.

And they were giving away apple cider. We were all chilly so the hot cider was just what we needed!

More pretty trees

Supper was at the Olive Garden. My choice would have been a steak house, but I'm afraid majority rules. And wouldn't you know the unending pasta bowls special was over? LOL

We had a wonderful time with a lot of usual.

I was so tired Saturday night I couldn't hold my eyes open while trying to tell Bruce stories from the weekend. I slept like a ROCK!