Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

Friday night, Bruce wanted to take Hannah and Harrison to the fair. So I picked up a couple of pizzas from Pizza Hut (duh) and we had pizza and veggies for supper before heading to the fair grounds. Can you believe I did not take my camera?? Harrison was riding all the rides this year with Hannah and I didn't get one picture!

We ran into over half our church people while we were there, or so it seemed. And we also ran into people we had not seen in years. One of which, was my friend Velda's daughters, Emily and Rachel. They were there with their husbands, whom we had never had the pleasure of meeting, and Velda's BEAUTIFUL little granddaughter, Lily. She's three and they said she was riding EVERYTHING! Lily had a rough start to this world, but she's a tough little cookie so I wasn't too surprised that she enjoyed all of the rides.

Bruce and I were going on an all day outing Saturday so we were glad that we were able to take Hannah and Harrison to the fair. They had a great time!


Bruce and I dropped the kids off at my parent's home early Saturday morning so we could meet our Sunday school class for our outing to the Virginia Creeper Trail.

There were two vans and a car that went. I was glad we had a good turn out.

Views from the drive up....

We arrived and checked in.

Waited to pick out our bicycles....

Waited to load our bicycles onto the trailer....

Kissed our spouses....

And posed for pictures.

We were happy to have Deandra with us. I'm sorry if I spelled her name wrong. We were happy to have her with us. She's Meghan's sister, visiting from Florida, and she seemed to have a good time.

Once the bikes were loaded on the trailer, we all got into the van and they drove us to the top of the mountain where we would begin our 17 1/2 mile bike trail.

At the top of the mountain, we unloaded the bikes. The parking lot was packed. I don't remember it being that packed the last time we went. But there were a lot of people there Saturday. And what a perfect day to be there!

We were ready to ride!!

This was our starting point.

The weather was great for the bike trail. At one point, we were putting on our sweaters and hoodies. I heard the weather here that day was very hot.

We had a great time and I'll have more pics to share tomorrow. The scenery was beautiful and the fellowship was awesome.

Be sure to click the link for the Virginia Creeper trail. This is a great outing for your church or even just your family. Especially if your family likes outdoor fun.