Tuesday, October 14, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! First of all, I love you so much! You're a blessing to me and I am so thankful the Lord gave us to each other.

I told mom this morning that it was amazing to me that she just completed the first decade of the second half of a century. WOW! hehehe

Of course, she doesn't look sixty and that's good. I have her genes so that's something to be thankful for, right?

OK, in honor of her sixtieth birthday, I am writing sixty things about my mom. Here we go....

*She was born Oct. 14, 1948
*She was born to Jay and Helen
*She was born in West Virginia
*She has a twin brother
*She was one of nine children
*She pretty much taught herself how to read music and play the piano
*She fell in love with my dad when she was in the seventh grade
*She sold candy bars for her school....and that's all I'll tell you about THAT story
*She eloped with my dad eight days after her 17th birthday
*Ten months later she gave birth to her first child
*She had another son two years later
*She got saved while in the hosptial after a very serious car wreck
*God took pity on her for the second child and three years later He gave her me.
*She supported my dad's call to preach
*Worked at the Bob Jones University cleaners while daddy was in school
*She cleaned houses
*She gave great tupperware parties (us kids liked sneaking under the table and eating her refreshments)
*She stole a knife from a store to cut pepperoni while we were on vacation one year. (Ok, that's not entirely true. It's just a family joke we tease her about.)
*Her knickname from us kids while growing up was "the bionic belt beater."
*She used to do my pig tails so tight I looked like a red-headed Chinese girl.
*Since she was underaged and lied on her marriage certificate (a legal document), we tease her about not being married and having three children in a common law marriage with dad. Isn't that terrible?
*She wrestled son number one to the ground in a public park and pulled his pants down after he told her she couldn't do it.
*She threw son number two across the living room like a rag doll one day when he was about 12 or 13. I'd like to see her do that now. lol
*When told that the story of the Von Trapp family was true, she replied, "It is not! People don't go around singing like that all the time."
*She loves old movies
*She loves old musicals
*She loves books set in prairie days
*She likes a fan on when she sleeps
*She likes her electric blanket on when she sleeps
*She thinks her dog is a person
*She's a great cook
*She makes the BEST banana bread you will EVER put in your mouth...hands down!
*She makes awesome pound cakes
*She makes great stewed carrots with her roasts
*She makes wonderful homemade yeast bread
*Her homemade banana ice cream is to die for
*She makes a Snicker Pie you'll fight for
*She won't make anything but real, homemade, KJV banana pudding
*She loves her Emeril pots
*She collects depression glass
*She loves her Bible
*She loves to pray
*She loves her husband
*She loves her children
*She loves her grandchildren
*She loves her church
*She loves her Pastor
*She loves her friends
*She loves her home
*She loves her dog
*She is a conservative Republican
*She collects tea pots
*She likes Palm Trees
*She likes pineapples
*She has a great fashion sense
*She loves to dress with lots of colors
*She has crocs galore!
*She has a necklace for everything
*She loves fashion pins
*She likes her pretty rings, but has taste enough not to wear one on every finger. lol
So that's sixty things about my mom. I actually could go on, but I'm hoping she has many more birthdays, so I'll save them.