Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Virginia Creeper Trail, Part II

When you first start the bike trail, you coast down hill, picking up speed very quickly.

This was the first of MANY bridges we crossed.

Don't they look mischievous?

Brother Tim was flying with little Logan in the back standing up yelling, "Go faster! Go faster!" I was surprised at how much control Brother Tim had pulling the cart behind him. I think if he ever moved to Singapore and started a rickshaw business, he'd do pretty good at it.

Brother Ken returned to his childhood and was having a LOT of fun playing on his bicycle.

The mountain views were spectacular. I noticed the many people so focused on the trail, they weren't taking the time to enjoy the scenery. I, on the other hand, was taking my time and enjoying the views.

Our first stop on the trail was the Green Cove Depot. Not much has changed in the depot and it was fun to go inside and slip back in time for a moment.

The Post Office

It was getting a little chilly. Bruce was glad to see a stove to warm his hands. Too bad there was no fire going inside of it.

The back room of the depot had all kinds of neat antiques and pictures.

Bruce and I like walking through places like this.

Here's a short video of Bruce. It was really hard to video and ride at the same time.