Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can It Go Wrong? Oh Yeah!

Things were fine last night. They didn't got wrong until today. But right now, here are a few pics from last night's Patch and Sigma. The older class in Patch had tacky night. Cheyenne was tacky! Looked like her daddy dressed her. HA!

Madi had an interesting hair~thingy going on.

And she was QUITE tacky, thanks to her sister's good taste....or would that be bad taste?

Then again....she could have gotten that.....taste......from her mother, who also happens to help teach that class. So does Jenn, who is sitting there behind her. Jenn was pretty tacky herself! Although a lady in our church did mention to her that she looked great last night and would actually wear her outfit with the exception of the socks. LOL

At Sigma, we cleaned up from Rush night and then took a few minutes to help Mrs. Liz celebrate her birthday. From what I understand she's celebrating the entire week. Especially since her dad is in town from Massachusetts. Funny story here. They traveled three hours to take her dad to Dollywood, to spend three hours, to travel back home for three hours. When they got to Dollywood...........IT WAS CLOSED!!!!

Her pretty cake. It was so RICH! But it was good and the kids enjoyed it with ice cream.

Today is when everything went wrong. Bruce has had his truck almost ten years, I guess, and I've never driven it. Today I asked if I could borrow it since Justin needed my car and I promised Mrs. Janet I would help her work on Fall Festival.
So before making it to the church, I stopped at the One Stop and bought a 16 ounce hot chocolate. I was looking forward to it because it was so cold outside and I do NOT do coffee!!EWW! Bruce doesn't have a cup holder in his truck so I put the hot chocolate next to the stick shift and immediately forgot that it was there. I backed up, put the truck into first, and took off. Next thing I know my hot chocolate is FLYING across the truck and emptying itself all over the passenger side floor board. There were two dish towels in the seat so I grabbed them and threw them on top of the hot chocolate until I was able to get to the church to clean up the mess.
There was just a wee little bit of hot chocolate left in the cup so I was going to drink the rest off. I took a big gulp, only to realize my mouth was being scalded. So I spit it out all over my skirt. I made it to the church, cleaned up my mess in the truck, cleaned up my skirt, and Mrs. Janet and I started on Fall Festival.
Kelly and Pam showed up to help and while we were carrying the carnival games from the fellowship building to the gym, I made a bad step off a curb, twisted my ankle, and hit the ground. Slicing my hand open on the Plinko game. Mrs. Janet helped me stop the bleeding and bandaged me up. So we got back to work.
We had a giant sheet of cardboard we were stapling to two wooden walls. I ran my hand down the side of the cardboard and sliced my thumb open. On the same hand I just sliced, of course. Thankfully, Mrs. Janet brought extra band aids.
So we continue working and while standing on a chair stapling paper to the cardboard, the chair slipped on the gym floor and down I went. All the way down. Bottom first. Within just a few minutes, my bottom to my neck was hurting. But I figured if I kept working it would work itself out. It didn't. Oh well.
Mrs. Janet took us to lunch at El Titanic. Everything was fine at lunch. Nothing to tell. We made it back to the gym to work a little bit on our "tree." So far so good. We pack up to leave and guess what? Bruce's truck wouldn't start. I began to panic a little bit, but one of the men in the rescue mission came out and started it right up. Go figure. I guess I wasn't giving it enough gas. I don't know.
Anyway, I get home in time to make a pot of mashed taters for the pot roast I put on this morning. The kids ate while Bruce and I left. Bruce was going to the track for a run and I was going to clean mom's house as much as I could while he ran since I won't be able to clean tomorrow.
He pulls up in the driveway and guess what? My parents are voting early because mom will be in the hospital on voting day. Guess who doesn't have her key? ME! So I went with Bruce to the track and tried to figure out what I could do. I decided to take his truck home and have Justin follow me back to the track to drop off Bruce's truck and then drop me off at my parent's. I get on the highway and realized that by the time I got home, Justin would be gone to practice with a group at church. So I turn around and go back. I pulled into a gas station at the track and called dad. They were coming home and he would pick me up on his way.
GREAT!...I walked around the track once, stopped to put Bruce's keys in the truck, and I see mom and dad pull up. They were in daddy's little truck so guess who had to ride in the back? ME! Did I mention it was cold today? He did give me his jacket though. But before I climbed in I realized that not only had I put Bruce's keys in his truck, I had actually LOCKED his keys in his truck. I was on the verge of tears when Bruce told me it was no big deal. He had a spare in his sock. Apparently he carries his spare when he runs so he doesn't have his keys bouncing and jingling for three and a half miles.
I cried anyway.
All by myself.
On the back of the truck.
Bundled in my daddy's coat.
Did I mention it was cold?
I was able to clean mom's kitchen, the hall bath, and run the vacuum before Bruce showed up. I was pleased to get that little bit done in record time. Daddy promised he would help her change the sheets on the bed. So that made me feel a little better.
I don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow, really, but I do hope and pray it's a better day!

Kelly and Janet working on the tree.

Me at El Titanic. No, it's not my birthday, but I do love those sombreros!