Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekday Business

Bruce and I had dinner at the Sagebrush Friday night. I had the rodeo chicken, which is my favorite meal there! Love it! When we came home I crashed. I was so exhausted.

Saturday morning, I took the kids to bus ministry and we stayed until bus ministry was over and started working on Rush night. The Alpha Theta Speed and the Chi Alpha UFC got busy working on their team decorations. I took pics, but you know I won't share them until after next Sunday night. Rush night is always a big deal and we're looking forward to it. I was really proud of the guys and girls on our team and how they offered their ideas and put them to work. They've done a great job so far. By this coming Saturday the only thing left for us to do will probably be to put up our tables and decorate them.

Sunday was another busy day. Besides Sunday school, church services, bluegrass practice, and youth choir, I was also tracking down parents, grandparents, and friends to bring different food items for Rush night and staying at the fellowship building so a couple of our team members could work on projects for Rush. Oh yeah...and we also scarfed down our lunch and made a trip to Kmart and WalMart for things our team needed. It was a busy day....but we got a lot accomplished. So yay!

I had a nice visit with a friend after we finished school today. She knows who she is. There was a purpose for her visit and I'll share that later this week. Anyway, she hung out for about an hour or so it was fun talking to her and "stuff!" ;)

I heard from mom today. She'll be having surgery Nov. 3, to have her hip replaced. She probably could have had it next Thursday, but they wouldn't be able to work her into the joint academy and since that's the best place for her, considering this surgery, the earliest time they could do it is Nov 3. So please pray for her during this time. She is very nervous about the surgery and she's not looking forward to it at all. I don't blame her! But, like I said in my last post, God is already in the operating room.

Mrs. Carolyn asked me yesterday to write a play for our youth choir. So I worked on that this morning before we did school and came up with a story. It wasn't difficult. I had an idea last year for a church wide play, but decided to use it for the youth choir when Mrs. Carolyn approached me yesterday. I just have to have it approved by our Pastor and we can get started on it.

We'll be having some much needed family time tonight. Looking forward to that!

Tuesday night we will be celebrating mom's birthday. I won't tell you her age out of respect, but she was born in '48. You do the math. :) I'm looking forward to just spending time with her and daddy. No house busy time....just chillin' and enjoying each other's company.

I received a phone call from a lady we knew at our former church. Her son passed away this morning and she wanted me to sing at his funeral Wednesday morning. So pray about that too! Justin will be playing the guitar for me and we need to find a couple of songs to sing. Any suggestions?

I MAY clean mom's house Thursday since I MAY be going out of town Friday. IF I go out of town, I'll going on a ladies trip to the Wooly Worm Festival. Well, I won't be going to the festival. I'll be staying behind to just do nothing at Mrs. Ava's house. There will be other ladies staying behind also. So we're planning a picnic lunch, a walk through the park, board games, etc. Doesn't that sound nice? Mrs. Ava and Pastor have a house in the mountains that they open up to the church on occassion and it's always fun to go up there. There's a beautiful view below and it's so quiet and peaceful. I'm looking forward to the "down time".......IF I get to go.
Busy, busy, busy....
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