Monday, October 20, 2008

Special Prayer

MG is a special little angel in our church. Tuesday morning at 7:30, she will have surgery. Please say a prayer for her and her family. Her daddy is away at boot camp and her mom is feeling quite alone right now, I think. She never said that to me, but wouldn't you feel that way if your husband couldn't be with you on such a day? So please, say a prayer for this family and the doctors. MG is such a sweetheart.
Brother Greg (our church secretary's hubby) loves this little baby to pieces. He holds her through many of our church services. So when that beautiful little face peered over his shoulder last night I just had to snap this picture of her. Ain't she purdy?

I offered to help MG's mom with the boys. So they're spending the night with us and I'll take them to school in the morning. I put them in bed an hour ago, but I still hear snickers and giggling. lol

The boys have been very sweet tonight. The youngest has laughed all night long. And he worked diligently on his homework. He did a good job too, especially when we went over his nightly work. He's a smart little cookie!

And then of course, after homework, the boys wanted me to take a picture of them being ganstas. Oh me........what characters!