Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tree Is Up and Pretties are Out

I started getting sick this past weekend. I spent half the day Saturday and the entire day Sunday in bed. Monday was the same, with the exception of time we spent doing school work. Today we did our school work, I ran some errands with the kids, did a little shopping with them and picked up some lights for the tree. By the time we got home I was feeling like I probably should have skipped the shopping part and stayed focused on the most important errands. After resting a bit, I put the lights on the tree and Hannah and Harry started decorating. Bruce hung the icicle lights outside, and I put out my nativities. Although today has been a very busy day and I am very tired (!!), I am relaxing on the couch in the dark with the glow of lights from the tree and candles. It is quiet, the tree is rotating, and each ornament I see brings a sweet memory.

I love my rotator. It's fun to watch. We got it from my brother-in-law, Barry, years ago. I'll admit that when Bruce brought it home I was skeptical. But when he placed the tree in it and it started rotating, I fell in love with it. ~~Thanks, Barry~~

I'm going to take some medicine for my cold, some Vc, and Tylenol. Then I will go lay in my bed, where my favorite, brown, micro fiber blanket is and lay my head on my soft feather pillows. My very sweet hubby thought of me before he left for work and plugged in the vaporizer for me so that when I did finally go to bed, it would already have been running for me. Isn't he sweet? I love him!

Click here for some pictures from today.