Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Play

A few posts down I forgot to post pictures of our Christmas play. We had our play two weeks ago on a Sunday night. Everything went smoothly. I had problems writing this one this year. It wasn't really one big play but rather three small skits with verses, singing, and narrations in between. The theme, however, was all the same. "Everybody Ought To Know." Throughout the year and, especially at Christmas, it is important to know and share Jesus Christ with others.

In the first skit was a couple with their newborn baby. They realized the importance of raising their son in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. They pray over that child that God would save him at an early age, showing him saving grace and a desire to share Christ with others.

The second skit shows that baby as a teenager, called to preach. He's on his way to bus ministry to preach to the children before their Christmas party when he runs into some other teens from school. They've just gotten out for Christmas break and want him to go to the City Park with them to play some ball. But he declines because he wants to preach to the children. His desire is to share with them, not only God's saving grace, but his sovereign grace also. The teens call him a fanatic and go on about their way.

The third skit is a grandmother that calls the director of their church play to see what time the play will be. The director tells the grandmother what time and says how thankful she is that the lady's grandchildren have been raised to love the Lord and love to serve the Lord and not just sit on a pew and do nothing. The grandmother mentions the importance of seeing her grandchildren serve the Lord. That they had received his saving grace, his sovereign grace, and because of that, they will experience his sustaining grace through life.

The last part of the play, I think, was the most powerful. The narrator said, "The world needs Jesus. We can begin evangelizing our homes, which will extend to our neighbors, and all those we come into contact with. The world needs men, women, boys, and girls, to take a stand for Jesus and NOT be ashamed to tell others the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ! The world needs Christians to tell them the true meaning of Christmas. That Christ came to this earth to die for THEIR sins. The world needs Christians to be soldiers of the cross. The world needs YOU and ME to accept the challenge. Will you go and tell others? Will YOU stand up for Jesus?" When he said "Will YOU stand up for Jesus?" several people got up from the congregation and lined up across the platform holding signs of what they did in the church or what they did for a living. The first few people/families sang the first few lines of Stand for Jesus.

Stand for Jesus
Don't be ashamed
Stand for Jesus
Praise His name
For He loved you on a rugged cross
With arms held open wide
Stand for Jesus
He's standing by your side....

At the last minute (the morning of the play) we asked Tammy to hold a sign in memory of her mother, who was saved in the bus ministry as a little girl and worked the nursery at the bus ministry at church before she passed away suddenly just four days before this play. Tammy is her daughter. Brother Ted, Tammy's brother, sang one of the verses of Stand for Jesus while his wife, Rebecca, held a sign in memory of Mrs. Barbara Weathers.
It was very moving!!

The songs Mrs. Carolyn chose were wonderful:
  • Everybody Ought To Know ~ Youth Choir
  • What Can I Give Him ~ Pee Wees
  • Into My Heart ~ Pee Wees
  • Help Me To Walk ~ Youth Choir
  • Win the Lost at Any Cost ~ Sons of Faith
  • Amazing Love ~ Justin, Hannah, and Kelsey
  • It's All in the Name of Jesus ~ Youth Choir
  • Stand for Jesus ~ Youth Choir
Everything went great. The youth choir and Patch children, Mrs. Carolyn and musicians, all did a wonderful job. I love my church family!

Click here for pictures from the play.

This video was not taken during the play, but it's Sons of Faith with our Youth Choir singing Win the Lost at Any Cost.