Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday Night

Friday night is our usual date night. This week, we took Justin and Kelsey with us. Bruce let them pick where we would eat. Justin wanted Love's Fish Box so we went there. When we got there they had this Christmas tree in front of the window. It was decorated in a fish theme, of course.

We also ran into Wanda and her husband. We'll see them in one of two places. The dentist office, where Wanda is the receptionist, or somewhere about town at a restaurant. LOL Whey they finished their supper, they sat with us and talked for a good thirty minutes or so. It was so nice! I enjoyed it. They are just the nicest people!!

Bruce and me :D

Justin and Kelsey (Bruce insisted we take pictures in front of the fish tree.) OK, he didn't have to insist. But he did suggest it. :D

When we left Love's, we drove through the lights on Margrace. This is one house, by the way. He has a circle driveway around his house and you just drive through. He has lights everywhere!! Every year he adds something new. It's really something. Here are just a FEW pictures of his lights.

When we got home we decided to watch a Christmas movie. Kelsey had never seen The Snowman so we watched that.
It was a nice evening and we had a good time.