Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Night of Revival

We had another wonderful night with Brother Hutson and thus concluded our revival meetings this week. Sure do appreciate his old fashioned preaching!!

Last night we had some special singing. All the singing at our church is special to me, but the Philbecks were there and they are just wonderful to listen to. Brother Philbeck is the pastor of Love Valley Baptist Church, a neighboring church in our area. His wife and children were there and did a fantastic job singing. I do have a video of them below. The song in the video has become my new favorite song. LOL I've been humming it in my head all day.

Today is my beautiful mother in law's birthday. I went out this morning with Justin to run some errands and while we were out I got her gift and we'll be taking her out to supper tonight. She went out to eat with her sisters today so I'm sure she's having a good birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIE!!! You've been the best mother in law I've ever had. The only mother in law, but the best, nonetheless.

Enjoy the Philbeck family singing I Just Wanted You To Know....