Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gettin' Ready!

We haven't started back to school yet. Our first day of school will be September 20. We've always started after Labor Day. Truth is, when we started home schooling I had every intention of beginning around the third week of August. It just always happened after Labor Day instead and so after about five years of trying for August we just made our official time after Labor Day.

This year I haven't had to order curriculum because we have everything we really need, although Hannah does need a new Geography curriculum. We used one in the seventh grade, but it wasn't as in depth as we had hoped. As of right now, she is praying about some things for after she graduates, and if the Lord wills that for her, then she will need to have some Geography in her credits. So I'm hoping to find a really good one out there. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Even if God does not open this door for her, she can use it in something else.

I have to admit that I am very eager to get this school year started. I'm excited about Hannah starting her sophomore year. Hannah is very studious in her work. She stays at it. Of course, sometime through the year I may have to push her, but for the most part, she's a good student. Harrison has learning issues. He struggles with his reading and I'm sure he has a bit of dyslexia. He has not been officially diagnosed, but everything I have read points him in that direction. So I do teach him a little differently and it takes him a little longer to get where he needs to be. But he does get there! Praise the Lord! And he, too, is a very good student. I'm glad to be able to have them home with me. It's been a blessing. Since Justin graduated this past spring, I've been a little depressed knowing my home school class has gone from three students to two students. But I do look forward and anticipate another wonderful year with my two younger kiddos.

I need an easel, though, and keep forgetting to tell Bruce I would appreciate him building me one that folds up for easy storage. Maybe he'll read this and I won't have to remember to say anything. HINT HINT *wink* *wink*, Honey!