Monday, September 27, 2010

Rush Night 2010

The last couple of weekends and some through the week, the youth group worked on their Rush Night displays. They all did a fantastic job!

Last night after the service, Pastor had each of the team captains stand up and tell their team verse and slogan.

The Pi Gamma Hunters had their display looking like a hunting site. I loved it!

The next display was by the Chi Alpha Survivors. They also did a great job. I loved how they had their individual names on the tiki torches. Hopefully no one will get voted off this team this year. haha...

And the last display was by the Nu Delta Cherokee Nation. I, personally, liked the tipi setup. That's one little Indian that sleeps in there, I'm tellin' ya!

The parents were asked to bring soups and sandwiches. I was glad too. I was cold all day yesterday and that soup hit the spot, for sure! I should have brought some home because I'm cold today too!!!! LOL

My buddy Kim was helping herself to some yummy grapes off the dessert table.

Hunter's Ben and Kendall were in full gear ready to hunt some ducks. It was funny because they all had those little duck calls and whenever the other teams would start chanting their cheers they would all start blowing their duck calls. It was so funny.

Here we have Brother Mark and Mrs. Jeannie with their team.
And Bruce and me with our team. I did not get a pic of Brother Chris and Mrs. Dana with their team, the Survivors. I'll have to bum one from someone and get it on here.

And after all the excitement wore down, there was time for little hugs and lovin's.

Brother Johnny and his little Indian boy. He must be the one sleeping in that tipi.

It was a wonderful night and all of the children did a great job. We'll know the winner of the Rush Night points Wednesday night. It's gonna be close whatever the result may be.