Thursday, September 23, 2010

Progress, Progress!!

I haven't posted anything on the new addition to the church building. So here we go!

There is a group of missionaries that go around helping churches put their buildings up and they've been doing that for us. Some of the men in our church have been able to go up and help and it's been neat to see them out there working together. Justin had an opportunity to go up and help yesterday. He really enjoyed that!

To the left is the addition that went on a couple of months ago. It'll have extra bathrooms, a music room, teacher's workroom, and I think some extra Sunday School classes. The radio program has been moved up to the main building and we may have a room for that. Anyway, that addtion connects to the one they're building now, which will hold our gymnasium and more classrooms, and banquet room/Fellowship Hall. The little space there between them will be used for pick up and drop offs.

This is the inside of the gym, banquet room, and classes. Our bus ministry will be moved up here. That will be wonderful!

And these are the men putting in the many hours and hard labor to get it up! Clayton, Justin, Brother Tommy, Brother Nathan, Brother Bivey, and Brother Ken...

Brother Ken again, Brother Wayne, Brother Ronnie, Brother Cooper and Brother O'Riley.

This is the inside of the first addition, standing in the foyer. There's some big rooms down there!! I was really surprised. LOL

Our church people are very excited about this and looking forward to having some great things going on in these rooms and buildings.
1 Chronicles 22:2 "And David commanded to gather together the strangers
that were in the land of Israel; and he set masons to hew wrought stones to
build the house of God."