Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Thoughts

We had a great time in church this morning. We had many new visitors, two of which that came forward. One got some things settled, and his wife got saved. It was beautiful! Mrs. Janet gave them new Bibles and convert material and I'm happy to have a new Sister in Christ. They are family members of some of our members. They don't live in this area, but we hope to see them again soon.

We had a wonderful service tonight too, followed by a Sunday school fellowship for our class. And Tuesday night we're having a ladies Bible study at a local restaurant. I'm looking forward to the fellowship and the Bible study. I forgot to pick up my book tonight, though. Oh well...I'll try to get it Tuesday morning.

The SIGMA sponsors met with Pastor Goodman tonight and we discussed the new SIGMA year, got the list of kids that will be on our teams, and I'm looking forward to this upcoming year. We'll have an afterglow next week where the kids will find out whose teams they're on and begin getting ready for RUSH Night. Things will be a little different this year for RUSH. And I'm glad. I think it's all going to go great.

We didn't make Labor Day plans. I think our plans are to just chill at home and do absolutely NOTHING! Doesn't that sound good? It does to me!!

Have a great holiday!!