Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Marie

We celebrated my beautiful mother-in-law's seventieth birthday this past weekend. When I hear others talk about their mother-in-laws and the problems they have, I feel very blessed to have a mother-in-law like Marie. I'm so glad we get along the way we do. She is a sweet lady and I love her very much!
For our birthdays, Marie always gives us a gift bag full of little snacks, so we did the same for her. Justin and I went together the other day and picked out some things we thought she'd like for snackin'. She got a little tickled that we did that for her. lol

We took her to supper for her birthday and she decided she wanted to eat at the Mountain View Restaurant uptown. It's a local owned establishment that serves authentic Greek food and some southern cookin' too.

Besides her bag of snacks, we also got her a gift card.

The card was for Cato's and I'm sure she'll enjoy doing a little shopping there for something pretty!

We told her we'd stop and get a birthday cake, but she wanted to go to Swooger's for some ice cream. Swooger's is a little ice cream parlor uptown. They have a 50's atmosphere and it's always fun to go there.
Marie enjoyed her butter pecan ice cream cone.

Harrison enjoyed the bubble gum flavored. I would have thought bubble gum flavored would be pink. But's blue at Swooger's.

And I loved my little cup of Mint Chocolate Chip.

Bruce got butter pecan, just like his mama. Look at him. A man ready to dig in.

Justin wasn't in the mood for ice cream. LOL

We had a good time out with Marie. We went back to her house and visited for a little bit and I think she had a pretty special birthday. I hope she felt special, anyway.