Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

We didn't have anything on the schedule for Labor Day yesterday so we jumped in the car and rode to the Kings Mountain Battleground. The weather was perfect for walking the battle trail. When we got there we noticed a campsite set up at the beginning of the trail.

The men were telling us about their guns.

And the ladies were cutting vegetables and preparing a stew over an open fire.

And this little fella was playing and having a great time. He was filthy too, but loving every minute of it!

Justin worked yesterday so it was just the two younger ones that got to go. We missed having Justin along, but such is life, right?

There are monuments all over the trail, marking where someone fell or a specific event had taken place. Harrison wanted his picture at each and every one of them.

Bruce was explaining something we had just read on the trail.

The trail was packed yesterday. Every bench we came to was taken. So Harrison was thrilled to find this one empty and grabbed it as fast as he could.

President Hoover came to give a Presidential recognition to the park and over 70,000 people gathered there to see him. That's where I'm standing...the Hoover Monument.

The monument above is a special place for Bruce and me. He asked me to be his girlfriend there and then asked me to be his wife there almost a year later. :) We're standing in the spot he proposed. I always thought it was funny that he proposed where a battle took place. I wonder if there was a hidden meaning in that?? hahahaha...just kidding.

My sweetheart <3

This little finch was so small you could barely see it hopping in the grass.

Bruce once told Harrison that all the bodies from the battle were buried in this monument. LOL Such the story teller!!!!!

This is the place where Ferguson is buried. I thought it ironic that he would teach his men a bit on camouflage, but the day he was killed he was wearing a red and white checkered shirt, making him an easy target.

When we finished the trail, we sat in the visitor's center and watched the film about the battle, then walked through the museum.
That look on Harrison's face cracks me up everytime I see it. He was hoping it would look like he was grabbing the sword. :)
I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the time with my family, minus one. Hope you all had a good Labor Day too!