Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Twelve Pound Preemie

Remember my friend, Amy? Guess what she did today!!!

I was folding laundry when she called to tell me her water broke. I was going to be with her when the baby was born, but as of three weeks ago, the baby was measuring just over 10 pounds so they scheduled a C-section...for tomorrow. Little booger couldn't wait one more day though. He was a week and a half early.

Even with contractions starting, Amy kept that beautiful smile.

While they prepped her for surgery, big-brother-to-be Cameron was listening at the door to see if he could hear his little brudder being born.

While we waited for her to return from surgery, Cameron picked out this lovely rose for his mommy.

It was about thirty minutes after they took her that Amy's husband, Brian, came around the corner with this twelve pound preemie.

Being measured

Bruce was thrilled that little D was born on his birthday. What a special kid, huh?

You can see by this pic how big this newbie really is. They wheeled Amy by to see him before taking her to her room.

He went right by newborn diapers and straight into size one.

Those of you that know Brian and Amy will agree that this little one looks just like his big brother. Is he not the sweetest?
Congratulations, Brian, Amy, and Cameron!! We love you and that new little baby!!!