Friday, December 5, 2008

Hannah's Hair

My daughter and I were given an early Christmas present of a trip to our beautician, Missy. If you're not sure what to get someone, this makes a great gift.
Missy always comments on how thick Hannah's hair is and that she's never seen hair so thick. Which it really is thick. VERY thick!

I would actually prefer her to have long hair, but it's so difficult for her being so thick, it just hangs everywhere and she can't do anything with it. It's too thick for p0ny tail holders, which stretch pass elasticity and break after a couple of wears, and barrettes, which never seem to be able to clamp. But I think she's finally found a style that she really likes and is going to be easy to manage.

I got a little tickled because there was a lady there ahead of us that was sitting under the dryer. While Missy was working studiously on Hannah's hair, which was probably taking longer than Missy had anticipated, the woman (who hadn't said a word the entire one hour we were there) abruptly blurted out, "Are you going to be finished with her anytime soon?" And then mumbled something under her breath that I'm really not sure about. You could have cut the air with a knife. It was kind of funny. Hannah and I just looked at each other and smiled with wide eyes. And as usually, Missy handled it great with much kindness.

So anyway, not only did Hannah have it cut, but Missy thinned it out a LOT. Even with all the thinning she did, it is still massively thick.

See, very simple...but cute.

There's no need for after pics of me. I had my hair cut too, but only trimmed all over to get rid of the frizzy ends. Well, I did get my eyebrows done too. Trust me, that was the biggest makeover on me yesterday. HA!
Sorry Tori, no dramatic change like yours. :)

Thank you so much to our gift giver! We enjoyed our time out together and we definitely enjoyed our pampering! It was a very thoughtful gift!