Saturday, December 6, 2008

Breakfast, Friends, and Family

When I got up, I realized we had no cereal and no poptarts. What to do? What to do? My kids love it when we're out of cereal and poptarts. That's when they get a real breakfast. Unfortunately, we were out of milk and had only five strips of bacon, five eggs, and no bread. So I rolled up my sleeves and started cooking. I fried the five strips of bacon and scrambled the five eggs. I used evaporated milk to make hand-squashed biscuits and white pan gravy. Mom had left some orange juice over here, but it was full of extra pulp. So Hannah and I took turns straining a pitcher full. We had to strain it twice. By then it was perfect. What we thought would be a meager meal, ended up being a big breakfast. It was delish!

While Bruce was gone to his mother's to help carry off a tree that had fallen on his mother's house, I called my friend, Rachel. She's married off her daughter, Courtney, and her son, Stephen, within a month of each other. Her nest now holds four precious chicks instead of six. I know it's been hard on her, although she would never complain or moan. For one thing she wouldn't want to hear me say, "Ohhh, poor Rachel." And for another thing, she knows that the many prayers that have gone up concerning Courtney and Stephen's future spouses have now been answered and she is so thankful for the new son-in-law and daughter-in-law that God has blessed her with.

We had a wonderful chat. If you can call nearly two hours a "chat." It's always like that when we talk. Of course, we don't talk often, so there is a lot of catching up to do when we do get to talk with one another. There were a lot of laughs concerning things I won't go into detail about. As a matter of fact, I've laughed about it all evening. She's such a riot. The whole family is! I just love them all.

Bruce returned home from his mother's while we were still talking. So Rachel and I wrapped up our conversation and Bruce and I went grocery shopping. An experience that will be changing, Lord willing, beginning this coming week. Let's just say I'm going to try my hand at the whole couponing thing. Is "couponing" a word? So, Rachel is going to help me. She's a pro. Really. Anyway, after our shopping excursion, we came home, ate supper, and spent some family time together. It was so nice. I love family time. Don't you?