Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Play

The Christmas play went really good. I was usual...but it went off without a hitch. OK, there was ONE thing I noticed during the play, but I'll tell you about it later.

When Mrs. Carolyn asked me to write a play for our program this year the first thing that came to mind was a spiritual twist to Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

Basically, I just changed the ghosts to angels (Remembrance, Present, and Death) and changed the scenes, of course.

In the first scene, Justin is talking with his mother(played by Mrs. Liz) who is asking him if he was coming home for Christmas this year. After all, it had been three years since he was home for Christmas and his dad was very sick. Justin said no, that he was just too busy running the store and he didn't feel like celebrating Christmas this year. After speaking with his mother, he hears a knock at the door from two witnesses out soul winning and inviting people to church. He slammed the door in their faces.

As he settles in for the night, he is visited by the three angels.

Here is Justin with the angel Remembrance as Remembrance shows Justin himself as a small child with his Patch teacher, Mrs. Dawn. Benjamin Ross played "little Justin".

Remembrance also showed Justin himself as a teenager,(played by Parker) eager to work and save money for a new car and other worldly possessions. Too busy to attend church and fellowships.

Here is a video of Hannah singing Remind Me, Dear Lord.

Nathaniel played the angel Present. He took Justin to the church where the witnesses were speaking to their pastor, telling him about the man they visited that slammed the door in their face and how they prayed for him. Justin did not know they prayed for him until Present told him it was after he slammed the door in their faces that they took the time to pray.

Present also took Justin to his parent's home where his mother was feeding his dad because he was too ill to feed himself. They spoke of Justin and how he would not be joining them for Christmas and how he was running from God. Then prayed together for him to accept Christ.

As they prayed, Parker, Spencer, and LeAnna sang Wall of Prayer.

The third angel was Death. He took Justin back to his parent's home where his mother sat alone on the phone, speaking of her husband who had just passed away. She began to cry as she spoke of Justin and how he needed the Lord. Then Death took him to a graveyard. Justin did not want to see his father's grave. And he didn't. He saw his own. Death grabbed him and told Justin that he would be his forever, tortured and burned. Justin began to run from Death and fell at his bedside and accepted Christ.

Justin's mother was praying for her son while Justin fought with Death.

As he knelt to pray for salvation, Crystal sang Were It Not For Grace.
After Justin called his mom to let her and his dad know he had been saved and would be home for Christmas, Spencer ended the play with We Have A Hope.

There were a couple of videos and pictures I did not get. If your child was in the play and not posted here, please know they did an excellent job! I was so proud of all of them. And Mrs. Carolyn, thank you so much for working with me again this year. You are SUCH a blessing!! OH! And the one thing that happened was, when I "engraved" the tombstones, it wasn't until during the play that I realized I placed 2002-2008 on Justin's tombstone. lol *oops*