Thursday, July 24, 2008

Justin, Harrison, and I went to mom and dad's house this morning to drop off a meal for them from Mrs. Janet. When we got there, the house was very cool and daddy was in his chair all snug and warm.
His vision is better. Not completely, but he's able to move about without having to feel his way around the house.
Several people have asked about the "odd episodes." As far as we know he has not experienced any more of those.

The grass was lookin' a little shabby so Justin hopped on daddy's John Deere, threw it in high gear, and had their yard cut in no time. He's going to weed eat for him tomorrow.

Dolly found an empty Sun Drop bottle. She likes to gnaw on them for the crackling sound and then she'll take the wrapper off.
Mom warmed up Mrs. Janet's, oh-so-delicious, homemade chicken pot pie while Hannah fixed this disgusting sandwich. It consisted of hot pimento cheese, mayonnaise, ham, and Swiss cheese. I dunno...I like all of those ingredients, but I don't think I'd like to eat them all together like that. She, on the other hand, loves it.
It was a gloriously, beautiful day so I talked daddy into sitting on the front porch for a bit for a bit of fresh air. I noticed he had on pink socks. He obviously can't dress himself right now and, well, mom has a sense of humor. lol
While daddy sat on the porch with Hannah and Harrison, a bee stung Harrison between his pinky and index finger. It's been a couple of hours and it is still badly swollen. Poor thing. I put after bite on it and when I went grocery shopping for mom, I picked up a bottle of Benadryll. It's helping.
Dolly asked permission to sit with mom on the footrest of the chair. When she "asks permission" she sits in front of the chair and lays her chin on the footrest, looking at mom or dad with sad eyes. It's hilarious.

We had a wonderful visit and besides doing a little shopping for mom, I was able to mop and clean a bit.
Hannah will come home tomorrow afternoon. I'll be happy to have her back. Then when Justin gets off work Monday he'll stay the rest of the week with my parents, helping them with what he can.
Daddy told Harrison his week with them would follow next.