Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Moved

As you can see, I have moved! I'll keep the original Thimble Thoughts in my sidebar if anyone wants to go through its archives, but I just wanted a change. A new look. I'm a woman. It's my prerogative!

I had the OLD template where you had to type in the code for everything so I love, LOVE, this one with its easy layout. It's terrific!

If you came from the old blog, you know that daddy came home today. I was in the shower when my mom called to say they were on their way home. After I got dressed, I checked the caller ID and saw where she had called. I was upset when I found out I missed their call and wasn't there to help them in the house. Then I found out that Justin heard the phone ring but didn't answer it because he didn't recognize the number on the caller ID. At first I was upset, but then realized that was a habit he picked up from me. Remember, I don't like to talk on the phone and I screen my calls. So! I couldn't stay upset long. I just hate I missed helping him in the house. I suppose he would have picked up if they had left a message. But they didn't do that either. *ahem*


Thankful for my Dial Soap
I like Dial soap. I like that I can walk into a grocery store, pick up a few bars, check out, and go home.
In my book, The Original White House Cook Book 1887 Edition, here is the recipe for making soap:
One pound of washing soda, one pound of lard or clear tallow, half a pound of unslaked lime, one tablespoonful of salt, three quarts of water. Put the soda and lime in a large dish, and pour over the water, boiling hot; stir until dissolved; let it stand until clear; then pour off the clear liquid, add the grease and salt; boil four hours, then pour into pans to cool. If it should be inclined to curdle or separate, indicating the lime to be too strong, pour in a little more water, and boil again. Perfume as you please, and pour into molds or a shallow dish, and, when cold, cut into bars to dry.