Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rambling Thoughts

Summer is usually a busy time, but I'm becoming restless this year thinking about school. I'm geared up and mentally ready to start, but physically ready is another story! I was supposed to look into a book sale online yesterday and forgot they were having it. Thanks for the info anyway, Mrs. Kellie. I need to purchase a 50 gallon tote to store some of our school books for future use. Then we can make room for ordering the new books. Yeah, sounds like a big project, huh? Well, it's a project just the same in preparation for the new school year.

There were a couple things I forgot to purchase at the store yesterday. One of those things was clothes detergent. I walked down the isle, looked right at it, and continued walking. Y'all have never done that, have ya?

Harrison collects two things. He has gobs of Hot Wheels and his newest thing is Pez Dispensers. He started collecting those about three or four weeks ago. Today he had all of his Hot Wheels in the bathroom lined up across the sink. He made a car wash and washed them all. Now he has them in a complete circle on the living room floor with his pez dispensers standing in the middle. Not sure what it's supposed to be. I guess it's a boy thing. It kind of looks like a car lot or something. lol

Hannah bathed Bailey this morning and then helped me in the kitchen for a while. I washed and cut up fruits and veggies for the fridge and she made tuna salad. She's wanted to do some laundry, but remember I forgot to purchase clothes detergent. I was a stumbling block in her productivity today. She has a LOT of laundry piled up from her week in Puerto Rico and then a week with her grandparents. Sorry, Hannah.

Justin is with mom and dad this week, as you already know. He helped them each to their doctor appointments today and then they treated him to lunch at Love's Fish Box. A favorite little fish camp here. I think he's going with mom to another appointment she has this afternoon about her legs.

Bruce woke up and took off to run at the track. I wish I could be as disciplined as he is about everything. I also wish I could go to the track with him. I love to walk for exercise, but my ankle just can't take it. Maybe I'll start going with him once a week. I'll pay for it that night, but it'll be worth it in the long run...or uhh...walk.

Right now I'm going to start on supper. I have some leftover green beans from last night and I think I'll do some rice and BBQ chicken. Add to that all the fruits and veggies I cut up today and it should be a great supper.

I ran across a Calvinist's blog the other day. Besides the whosoever will they tend to skip right over, and the most popular verse in the Bible (John 3:16), what about this verse, John 2:2?

"And he (Jesus Christ) is the propitiation for our sins:
and not for ours only
, and not for ours
, and not for ours only, but
also for the sins of the whole world
, but also for
the sins of the whole world
, but
also for the sins of the whole world!"