Friday, July 25, 2008

Rebecca's hubby is a district manager for Pizza Hut and they brought them mom's favorite pasta from there. Mom and dad were thrilled with that. They love that pasta.

I was going to take this meal to mom and dad, but Rebecca was able to go with me to deliver it. So we stopped for gas, picked up a meal from my mother in law, and headed to my folk's house. Rebecca was able to visit with them while I changed the sheets on their beds, ran the vacuum, and some other little things. From the sounds of laughter, I think it was a good visit.

The nurse came while we were there. While she checked daddy out, Rebecca, mom, and I were in mom's room. I was straightening some things up and mom was getting a back massage from Rebecca. Mom has no idea I took this picture. hehe

Justin finished weed eating faster than I thought he would. So that put me a little ahead of schedule.

Crystal, Cassie, and Callie were here with Bailey at 3:30. They stayed for a while and visited with us. We enjoyed that so much.

Bruce got Bailey all wired up and she barked and barked at him today until he left to pay bills. When he got home, she started barking again. She barked at him until we left to take Justin to Taylor's house.

Kim had told us about their garage and how they had remodeled it into a game room. They have all kinds of great stuff in there. I was going to hide in there and chill for a while, but Bruce was starving to death. *sigh*

We decided to eat supper at Outback tonight. We had the chargrilled ribeye. It's something new on their menu. It was so savory good! I remember when Hannah was very little we took her to Outback and she said, "Can I have some of that chocolate bread?" lol

Speaking of Hannah, it's so good to have her home. She was gone to Puerto Rico all week before last and she's been at mom and dad's all this week. So it was definitely time to come home!! I've missed my girl! But I'm very happy she was able to be a blessing to her grandparents, who cried when she left today.

When Bruce picked Justin up tonight, Kim sent home a lasagna dinner for me to take to my parents. Apparently, this was her grandmother's recipe and receives rave reviews. So I'm sure they will love it! Thanks, Kim. That was very sweet of you.

By the way, Bailey was still barking at Bruce when we came home from supper. But she made friends pretty quick with him when he shared a bit of leftover steak with her.