Saturday, July 26, 2008

Worked Like a Turtle!

I spent the day cleaning house and doing laundry. And I mean spent the whole day. I didn't do any kind of "special" cleaning. But it took me all day just the same. I was in absolutely no rush.

I had my devotion this morning, started to blog, changed my mind about blogging, played a game of online checkers, started cleaning.

Ran the vacuum in the living room - answered a call from my mom.

Sent Bruce to gas up my car and deliver lasagna to my parents from Kim - answered a call from my dad.

Cleaned the tub, Tilexed my shower doors - answered a rather strange call from Brother Randy, Mrs. Kelly, and Abey.

Sifted through old papers and magazines to throw away - called my brother.

Checked something on mom's blog - answered a call from my mom.

Finished cleaning the shower doors and the rest of the bathroom - answered a call from my dad.

Changed the sheets on our bed - answered a call from my mother-in-law.

Threw in a load of laundry - answered a call from dad.

Folded a load of laundry and put it away. Dusted the furniture in our room - answered a call from my dad

Stopped to have lunch with my Justin while Bruce, Hannah, and Harrison were at my parents delivering lasagna from Kim - looked at the phone in surprise that it had not rung while we were eating. Oh and dad were visiting with Bruce, Hannah, and Harrison.

Unloaded the dryer, unloaded the washer and refilled the dryer, threw in another load to wash, folded the clothes from the dryer, put them away, mopped my bathroom floor - Answered a call from Rebecca.

Cleaned my kitchen appliances and counters - answered a call from my dad.

Did the breakfast and lunch dishes, put them away, cleaned the fridge, put away clean dishes in the dishwasher, loaded the dirty dishes from the fridge - answered a call from my mother-in-law
Took out the trash, mopped the kitchen, started mopping the hardwood floors - answered a call from Lib W.

Finished mopping the floors, dusted the furniture in the living room, dusted the chair railing, Cleaned off the desk, put some things away - called Pizza Hut.

Said bye to hubby as he left to pick up our order - called Pizza Hut to make a minor change.

Threw in another load of laundry, folded and put away a load, took a hot shower, ate supper, said bye to hubby as he and Justin left to pick up some ice cream. Started blogging, greeted hubby and Justin as they returned home, was handed a bowl of ice cream from hubby ---------- waiting for the phone to ring.
(For the H Family!)