Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trip to Valle Cruisis

A couple of friends, along with Hannah and myself, went to Valle Cruisis, near Boone, for the weekend. We had a good time together.

Before picking up Mander's sister, we stopped to see her daddy. He is just the sweetest man. It was good seeing him again.

When we got to the house in VC, Janet started preparing supper. She fixed her Italian grilled chicken and pasta. MMMMmmm!

We had stopped at McDonald's for lunch on the way up. Mrs. Janet just had a drink and ketchup for lunch.

Wow...I have no idea who she is.

Mander-girl. :D

Sweet Kaylyn

Hannah spent pretty much the entire weekend in this bed reading that book and another one. Celine was talking to Hannah and Carissa was playing with some game cards. Skip-Bo, I think?

I gave Carissa and Celine a makeover. This is Carissa's before picture.

And this is her after picture.

Celine before....

Celine after...

They were playing on the steps and stopped long enough to take some pictures for me.

The view out the window from the top of the steps.

I colored Kaylyn's hair while we were there. I'd never done that before. It was fun. I wanted to highlight Kendra's, but Janet said no. MOTHERS!

Hannah and Kendra were playing Speed, Hannah's new favorite game to play. She can be so mean when she wins. LOL

We spent the weekend, literally, laying around in our jammers, eating chocolate covered marshmallows that Janet made, and reading, watching movies, and talking. It was nice.

When we left Saturday afternoon, we stopped at the Mast Store Candy Barrel. They had all sorts of yummy candies in there. There were little bushel baskets for you to shop with. I overheard Mander tell Celine, "Honey, we're not getting one of everything, put some of that back." Well, duh, Mander!! We're in a CANDY STORE!!! LOL

While the others shopped for sweets, Hannah, Kendra, and I went to scope out the old church.

As we drove on out of town, you could see the house from the road. It is so pretty up there!

We dropped Kaylyn off at her house on the way back down the mountain. I know Mander wishes her sissy lived closer.

Janet wanted BBQ for lunch. We looked and looked for a BBQ place and drove right past this one. How in the world we missed this GIANT pink building, I'll never know. After turning around and missing the entrance, and turning around again to turn around again, we finally made it there and boy was it good! I had the Memphis chicken. YUM!

At first I thought Celine's daddy had joined us. But no, it's just her in a mask.

We had a good time taking Kaylyn with us. She needed the fellowship of her family and friends. We love her and pray for her!!