Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hiding and Milkshakes

Harrison has a touch of asthma and sometimes has a night of bad coughing. When he does have a bad night he'll move into the living room. It's usually cooler in the living room and that seems to help him, I think. Anyway, when I came through Friday morning, this is what I found. He was sound asleep and covered completely. At first I thought it was just his blanket and figured he had been in there but went back to bed, leaving his blanket and John Deere pillow on the couch. But nope. He was there. I saw his feet!

We had dinner at Fatz Friday night and then went to Chick fil A for a milkshake. Bruce had the strawberry and I had the peppermint Chocolate Chip. YUM! Just another reason to love Christmas.