Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

Bruce works with a man whose son-in-law was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday. The newlyweds have only been married a week.

As this weekend approaches, the family of this young man and the families of the two teens that drowned Sunday will have many prayers lifted up on their behalf.

My heart has hurt deeply for these families as they bury their children just a few days before Thanksgiving. Each of these three young men were someone to somebody. They were sons, grandchildren, nephews, a husband, a son-in-law, a friend. Thankfully, they all have testimonies of knowing the Lord.

I was going through my videos today and found this one of Missy singing God Will Make This Trial A Blessing. God WILL make these trials a blessing. I don't know how. I don't know when. But He will. In His time and in His way, He will make a blessing out of all of this.