Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harvest Party and Fall Festivals

Saturday night we went to my friend's house for a Harvest party. She made all kinds of yummy soups, all homemade. Cream of broccoli, chicken noodle, taco,....mmmm, mmmm! They were so good!!

Carissa showed up to the harvest party dressed as a pumpkin. Have you ever seen a cuter one?

The guys sat in the den and chit chatted while us gals cackled in the kitchen.

Tammy and Mander...

Angelic Angie...

Beautiful Brenda...

Joyous Janet...

Loco Logan...no really, he is one crazy kid! LOL

We had a great time of fellowship and went home full as a tick. Fun, fun!! Thanks, Greg and Janet, for a fun evening. Love y'all!!

We knew Sunday morning was going to be extra good when we saw the E family walk in with that wonderfully sweet, Marigrace!!! We've prayed so hard for her and her family these last few weeks. What a great sight to see that little smile pass across her face when Pastor called her name from the pulpit. Sweet, sweet!!

Sunday afternoon we had the church's fall festival. Tigger showed up and made his way from game to game, earning his little treats.

I also found him in the ice chest...
AND! He found the candy stash!!

Here's Carissa singing us a song at the Harvest Party.