Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hannah is 40% Less Wise Than Yesterday

Ok, it's been a really long day.  But it's been a good one too.
I took Hannah to have all four of her wisdom teeth extracted today.  Everything went great.  Of course they put her to sleep.  So her dad and I went back to be with her while she was in recovery and let me tell you, she was really funny.  She was so emotional.  She would break into laughter and then just start crying.  Then she'd break into laughter again.  Then start crying.  She'd ask, "Why am I so emotional?"  Of course, it took us a minute to figure out what she was saying since her jaws were packed with gauze.  Her dad and I drove seperately so I could take her for a milkshake after surgery and he could go get her prescriptions.  Yes, a milkshake.  It was the first thing on her "DO" list the doctor gave her, with strict instructions NOT to use a straw.  Anyway, she and her dad have names for each other.  She calls him "big daddy" and he calls her "little Hannah."  Well, her dad leaves and after a couple of minutes she looks around and realizes he's gone:

Hannah: Did daddy leeeeeeeeeeeave me???
Me: He went to get your.....
Hannah *starting to cry*: Why did big daddy leeeeeeave me???
Me *giggling*: He had to get your prescription for the pain medicine filled.
Hannah *starting to laugh*: Ohhhhhhhhh!  Ok, then.

My favorite, though, was when the nurse wheeled her out to the car.
Hannah: Am I suppose to be seeing people?
Nurse: Well, we did pass two people.
Hannah *starts crying*: But I saw FOUR!

And let me tell ya, there were several funny episodes in the car.  But I'll spare you the details.  It was a fun trip home though.

She's been very faithful about doing her ice packs and changing her gauze today. Hopefully she won't have much swelling tomorrow.  The bleeding has nearly stopped and she's doing good.  They gave her some pain meds and an antibiotic.  All the normal stuff.

After getting her milkshake I dropped her off at home and got her settled with some coke and a pudding cup.  She needed something on her stomach for medication.  While her daddy tended to her meds, I took off to stand in line at CHICK FIL A!!!  I stood in line for one hour and it was very pleasant.  Patrons were friendly and courteous to each other.  The workers were smiling and efficient.  All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and well worth the one hour wait.  Talking to some of the patrons, I realized that not all of them were FOR traditional and Biblical marriage, but they WERE for freedom of speech and the fact that Dan Cathey had every right to use monies from his own pocket or from HIS business to support any organization he wanted to.  One of the ones who is not necessarily FOR traditional and Biblical marriage even said that if Mr. Cathey had given monies to a gay and lesbian organization, the left would have never said anything about it.  And you know....  I'm inclined to agree.

Now, Friday, August third...that's THIS Friday in case you didn't know...the homosexual community is planning a "Kiss In" in all local Chick-fil-A restaurants.  They are being encouraged to go to the restaurant and kiss in public.  They are also planning a sit in.  Everyone is entitled to their free speech, I guess.  But if I was a betting woman, I'll bet their protest won't be near as clean and friendly as we were today.  I'd also bet that they will be treated with just as much friendliness and courtesy from the employees as we were treated with today.  But I'm not a betting person.... so, please don't send me emails placing bets against me.

While I waited in line I was able to see two friends I don't get to see that often.  So let me give a shout out to Brother and Sister Gomez!  Love you, Mrs. Rita.  And you too, Brother Jim!!  Y'all have always been a blessing to me.  It was good seeing you again.  I told ya I'd do a blog just for y'all.  So here it is!! 

We enjoyed our lunch.  It was very good.  As a matter of fact, the one I ordered from ran out of food around 7:00 or so this evening.  But a truck will be there first thing in the morning.  So if you missed out today, show your support tomorrow. 

I Plan on going back again this weekend sometime.

But probably not Friday.  Just sayin'.