Monday, August 13, 2012

ABC's and 123's

After church last night, we stopped at Wal Mart and received a full refund for the sodas we posted.  I did hear back from Cott Beverages. 

This was their reply:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your recent experience
with Lemon Lime soda. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have
experienced. These products, sold at Walmart, are a reduced sugar formula. The
label does not and cannot read "Diet" as they contain a nutritive sweetener,
High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Aspartame. The label does meet all FDA
requirements because all ingredients are listed under the ingredients listing.
At Cott, we are committed to producing premium quality products. It is our
goal that every beverage leaving our facilities meets our rigid quality control
standards. As such, your comments have been shared with the appropriate
department to ensure quality excellence and consumer satisfaction.
Again, thank you for taking time to draw our attention to this matter. We
trust that you will continue to be a valued Wal-Mart customer.

Final comment from me:

Thank you for your reply. I have no doubt your product is FDA approved.

However, I do still feel the consumer should know straight up what your product
is about. Many people, like ourselves, stay away from Aspartame. When a product
says on the packaging that it is "diet" or even "Low in sugar" we pretty well
know there is going to be an artificial sweetener, such as Aspartame, in the
I did take the products back and received a full refund. In the future, I would
most likely purchase your product again, providing it was made without
artificial sweeteners and the packaging included "diet" or "Low in sugar."
Lesson learned on my part is to always read the ingredients and take nothing for
And thus concludes the soda drama. 

I ordered Hannah and Harry's school books for the new school year.  This is the earliest I have ordered books in a long time.  Our school year usually doesn't begin until later in September.  I think we're ready to get a jump start on Hannah's senior year.  Harrison is offended we are starting earlier than usual.  One of the things he looks forward to every year is teasing his friends he goes back later than they do.  So he's kind of bummed.  But I reckon he'll get over it.  haha

I have some ideas floating in my head for senior pictures, field trips, etc.  Lord willing, these ideas will come to fruition.

Praying for all the other students going back to school and hoping they have a great year.