Monday, August 27, 2012

Go Green Bay!

So, you know I'm a Green Bay fan, right?  It causes a slight rivalry in the home, seeing we are in Carolina Panther territory.

I'm looking forward to football this year.  Ready to see what Green Bay does and hope they make it to the Super Bowl. 

And check this out
How great is that?  I don't know what you call this game where you're from, but around here it's known as Corn Hole and I love to play.  I want Bruce to make me a set.
And to bring in the football season, here's something I found, called Football Theology for Church Members:
*Quarterback Sneak: Sunday School teachers entering the building five minutes late, trying to slip by the Pastor without being seen.
*Two Minute Warning: Someone on the front pew, taking long looks at his watch so the preacher will be sure to notice.
*Bench Warmers: Inactive church members who are content to stay home and worship by watching one of the "electronic preachers" on television.
*Huddle: A gathering of men outside the church building for a small talk and a quick smoke before the worship service begins.
*Extra Point: What each member receives when he tells the preacher that the sermon was just too short today.
*"In the Pocket": Where too many church members keep their tithes.
I thought those were kind of funny.  The last one reminded me of something Brother Tony Hutson said in revival last week.  He was talking about people that won't tithe (NOT Can't tithe, but WON'T tithe) yet insist on knowing where every dime is going that the church is spending.  He said pastors ought to tell them they'll post all the business accounts on one board and right next to it all the tithers.  That cracked me up.  LOL  
Revival, by the way, was terrific.  There was something special from the Lord every night and He certainly showed up to meet with us.  Especially on Friday.  We had invited several churches to bring their youth and all but one or two showed up.  It was a GREAT show of support for Old Time worship.  Twelve souls were saved Friday night, AMEN!  And Sunday morning it was still going on.  One of our teens made assurance and two people were saved in the morning service.  God is good.