Friday, August 3, 2012

A Lack of Kissing

Hannah is doing a little better.  Puffier cheeks today than the last couple days, but we're hoping that will be all gone by Monday.  She has a job interview that day and certainly does not wish to be puffy-cheeked when she goes in.  Harry told her this morning that she looked like a hamster when they pack all their food on one side of their jaw.  Nothing like a good word of encouragement from your little brother.  LOL  After missing the last two nights of VBS, she is looking forward to attending this evening. 
I took her to Mountain View Restaurant today for lunch.  She has a limited variety of food she can eat so she ordered the three vegetable plate.  One applesauce and two servings of mac-n-cheese.  We both just cracked up when they presented her plate.  More mac-n-cheese than we anticipated.  But she enjoyed it, none-the-less.  I had the BLT.  It was so good I bought stuff for some when I went grocery shopping.  It's what's on the menu next week.  :)

Went by CFA today.  Not one Kiss In protester.  But the parking lot was full and the drive thru was full.  They were pumping out those chicken sandwiches like nobody's business.  Was told later that the kiss in is suppose to start at 8:00 pm?  Seriously?  Two hours before closing?  After everyone has eaten supper?  Heh?  I thought it was National Same Sex Kiss DAY?  Not National Same Sex Kiss Two Hours Before Closing.  Okie dokie.  I don't reckon there were enough couples and liberals to spend the entire day there like those supporting CFA this past Wednesday...and Thursday...and Friday. 

By the way, did I fail to mention that I ran into two kinds of people at CFA Wednesday?  Those, like me, who support the Biblical definition of marriage and Dan Cathy's right to support whatever organization he chooses, and those who oppose his decision of whom he supported, however, support his right, as an American, to give to those organizations they oppose. 

The homosexual community is trying to make this about the "lack of love" toward them rather than what it really is.  And that's the right for others to disagree, take a stand, have our freedom of speech, and put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. 

There are many restaurants, stores, etc, that give to homosexual organizations.  If Christians or those opposed to these organizations don't want to give their money to these establishments, they don't.  We boycott by not spending our dollars there.  It is their right to give to whomever they choose, and our right not to give to their establishment.

So if the homosexual community wants to boycott CFA, why not just boycott by not giving them a dime of their money?  What's the point of their two hour kiss in and all the nonsense being wrangled by the media and other liberal outlets?

I have no doubt that CFA will prosper.  I have no doubt that our family will help them prosper.  As a matter of fact, when it comes to fast food, our money will be going to CFA. 

And before you get too excited about the pictures going viral of these fast food signs saying they support CFA, you should know they are fake.  They were created at a generator website.  You pick a sign, type what you want on the sign, and voila!  They have a picture for you to post anywhere on the web. 

OK, I'm done blogging.  Time to go pick up kiddies for VBS.  Y'all have a great night!