Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Life-Boat

Both sides of our families faced the loss of a loved one this week.

Bruce's Aunt Vicky will say goodbye to her daddy and my sister-in-law, Jenny, will say goodbye to her brother.  Both funerals are tomorrow.

Having lost a father and a brother, I know the pain and loss they are feeling.  I was flipping through a hymn book tonight, reading some of the verses and choruses to songs I've grown up on and my children are growing up on, and came across The Life-Boat. 

I've heard it all my life, really, but never like I heard it when Brother Tony Hutson sang it at a revival service he was preaching at our church the night Brother Davis went home to be with the Lord.  I could never explain or have the right words to describe the power of the Holy Ghost when he was singing that night. 

As I looked at the words, I could not help but want to share them with Aunt Vicky, Uncle Roger, and Michelle. Jenny and John.  They are uplifting and encouraging. 

1) We're floating down the stream of time, we have not long to stay;
The stormy clouds of darkness will turn to brightest day
Then let us all take courage, for we're not left alone;
The life-boat soon is coming to gather the Jewels home

2) Sometimes the devil tempts me, And says it's all in vain
To try to live a Christian life and walk in Jesus' name
But then we hear the Master say, "I'll lend you a helping hand,
And if you'll only trust me, I'll guide you to that land."

3) The life-boat soon is coming, by the eye of faith I see
As she sweeps thru the waters to rescue you and me
And land us safely in the port with friends we love so dear
"Get ready," cries the Captain; "O look, she's almost here"

4) O now's the time to get on board, while she is passing by;
But if you stand and wait too long, you shall forever die
The fare is paid for one and all, the Captain bids you come
And get on board the life-boat, she'll carry you safely home

CHORUS) Then cheer, my brother, cheer,
Our trials will soon be o'er
Our loved ones we shall meet, shall meet, upon the golden shore
We're pilgrims and we're strangers here, we're seeking a city to come,
The life-boat soon is coming, to gather the Jewels home.

I am thankful, that by their testimonies, each of these men knew the Captain of the Life-boat.  That by their testimony, they are resting in the arms of Jesus tonight.