Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Down By Three and Thoughts on Restaurants

Tonight was our weigh in and I've lost three pounds this week.  I was hoping for a good weigh in so I was pleased with that.

We still have several weeks to go before the end of our twelve weeks in October.  I have one pound to go to reach my twelve week goal.  I've lost nine pounds, total, since we started, and broke down into the next lesser tens place.  Which is the goal I had hoped to obtain this week.  Thankful for that!

One thing I've learned about counting calories is to keep the food scale on the table.  Generally I have three ounces of meat when I eat it.  I mostly stick to boneless, skinless, chicken breasts.  We went to a steak house last week and I still ordered chicken.  Normally I want a juicy ribeye.  But I didn't miss it.  I actually wanted the chicken.

Ordering is different too.  I have found that I still love eating out, but I think harder when ordering.  For instance, the last time we were at a Mexican restaurant I looked over the menu and there really isn't anything that is low fat, low calorie.  Even in a taco salad, you would be surprised.  I know I was.  So I went on with what I usually order.  Only I ordered the half size.  And to my joy, I still could not finish it all.  Which means my stomach is use to eating smaller portions.  And I decided to leave my leftovers instead of taking them with me.  I still felt a smidgen of guilt.  I guess because I couldn't tell the exact amount of calories to count.  So for supper I opted for a small bowl of vegetable salad, no cheese, and pretzel sticks. 

The biggest challenge eating out is keeping a journal on what I eat.  We usually only eat out once a week.  Twice if we have an exceptionally busy weekend.  When I go on a date with my husband, I don't care where he chooses to go and I just don't worry about counting anything.  But after that, I try to choose a place where I can look up the calories and other nutritional information.  There are some pretty cool apps you can get on your phone or tablet that have the menu and nutritional information for your favorite restaurants and fast food joints.  And if you can't find the app, just google it.  You'll most likely find it.