Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's The Little Things

I Thessalonians 5:18 "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

When God answers a prayer, we should always give him glory and praise for it.  Whether it is answered the way we hope or not.  Give Him thanks because He knows what's best. 

I want to give Him thanks right now for something He has done and continues to do for me.  It's a little thing, but special to me, none-the-less.

Many times I have asked Him for something and He has granted that request and I have taken it for granted.  Later, having to ask Him to forgive me for not saying thank you.  We've all done it, right?  But he deserves our thanks and our praise.

I think I've shared this before but wanted to share it again, along with something that happened yesterday.

When Justin and Hannah were still car seat age, I never really cared about getting a parking place closest to the store.  I always wanted one next to the buggy rack so I could load them in the car and put the buggy back without actually having to leave the car.  So one day, while going grocery shopping, the parking lot was packed.  I asked the Lord to please give me a parking place next to a buggy rack.  He parted the Red Sea, folks, remember?  As I pulled around to another lane in the parking lot, what do you know happened?  A car was backing out of a space right next to the buggy rack.  "Thank you, Lord!"  I was happy.  That was almost twenty years ago and to this day, I can go grocery shopping and always find a place next to the buggy rack.  Some people may think that's a silly thing.  But I think it's a God thing.

Yesterday while I was at the grocery store, while the girl was ringing up my groceries I looked outside and there were very low, BLACK clouds rolling toward home.  I asked the bag boy if it was raining and he said not yet.  So as I walked out to the car, with the winds beginning to blow hard, I said a simple prayer to the Lord, to please hold off the rain until I got the groceries in the car.  And what do you know happened?  As SOON as I picked up the last bag and placed it in the car, those first drops of rain began to fall.  I put the buggy in the rack (which I was parked next to), and jumped inside the car.  Pulling out of the parking lot, the clouds opened up and the buckets of rain fell hard.  I just looked up and said, "Thank you, Lord. You do it every time!" 

It's the little things, sometimes, that let me know He's really up there listening and caring about me and my silly requests. 

Another blessing that happened yesterday was when I got home, the winds and rain were pretty fierce.  There was lightening and the thunder was rolling.  LOUD.  So I pulled the car right up in front of the house.  Hannah and Harry came down the steps with the umbrella and took turns carrying the groceries in.  When they were finished I pulled the car back around to the driveway.  I didn't have an umbrella so I was gonna make a run for it.  But I didn't have to.  My sweetheart of a son (Harry) ran down the steps to the car with an umbrella and walked me into the house.  Again, I just had to thank the Lord for such a young gentleman.  I'm also thankful for a husband that has set a good example to his boys on how to treat a lady.

I am blessed.