Friday, July 9, 2010


It's been a long while since we've had a stomach bug in the house. Hannah came down with it Wednesday night. Since then, Bruce and I have been feeling sick. No visual effects, but the feeling is there. It's at that point where you just wish something would hurry up and happen because feeling this way really slows a body down.

The kids were on their way to pick up some things for camp. They called and said Harrison had gotten sick and they were on their way back home to drop him off. Bless his heart. This is kind of a funny story. The more I thought about it the funnier it became until I was literally squirting tears and laughing hysterically. Poor kid...

So Justin is driving down the road. Hannah is in the passenger's seat. Harrison is in the back seat of the car lying down. The fact he was lying down would have been a good clue he wasn't feeling good. But the two teenagers in the front seat didn't pick up on it. Anyway, as they're driving down Franklin Blvd (which is three lanes both ways) Justin feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns to look at Harrison who is holding his head in such a way that THIS clue tips off both teenagers he's fixin' to hurl. Hannah begins yelling, "PULL THE CAR OVER! PULL OVER!!!" Unfortunately for all of them, there was no way or no where to stop the car with other cars whizzing by them. The only two options were to, A: let Harrison vomit in the car, or, B: roll the window down and hang his head out. They all knew option A was a really bad idea. So option B was implemented. Down goes the window, out goes Harrison's head. He immediately released the last day or so of food buildup on his stomach. Most of which ended up splattered all over the back of the car, down his car door, and the tire . I can only imagine the thoughts of the people driving by them as they watched with horror, a little boy puking his guts up riding down the blvd. Needless to say they made it back home. Harrison got sick once he walked back into the house but is now resting quietly in bed and a glass of coke within reach. Justin washed the car....obviously....and he and Hannah took off once again to finish their camp shopping.

Oh me, oh my....the things that happen in life, right?