Friday, July 16, 2010

They're Back!

The kids were coming home today and I wanted to make sure I degermed the house as much as possible. After the stomach virus and this horrible summer cold/flu thing, it was a definite must!

I'm still sick and didn't feel like cleaning, but I had bought these pretty pink gloves last week and forgot about them so when I opened the cleaning cabinet to retrieve some products, there they were. It made my cleaning more enjoyable.

The kids called shortly after lunch and said they were just a few minutes from the church so I freshened up a bit and hit the door. I was excited about seeing them and hearing what all happened at camp this year. They were full of stories and testimony. It was a blessing.

I prayed the Lord would deal in their hearts this week and He did. Justin is stewing on some things and we'll see how that goes. The dealt with Hannah's heart also. She's going back next week to their Leadership camp for a few days. She's looking forward to that. I was glad to hear she had a desire to go to that. From what I have heard it is an intense leadership training course. I know the Lord will work on her heart some more while she's there.

It was so good to see my kids. I've missed them this week.

Justin was pleasantly surprised to see that his diploma from CCC had arrived in the mail today. So now everything is official for him.

While they laid around and napped for four hours (lol), Bruce kept our regularly scheduled date night. We went to see a man about a horse. OK, not really. But we did go see a man about a vehicle. It wasn't exactly what we were looking for, but we sure did enjoy the talk we had with him and appreciate him so much!

We ended up doing fast food tonight. We were both actually wanting a burger and ended up at Burger King. It was my idea. He was open to anywhere and I chose Burger King. I haven't had a flame broiled burger in a while. Anyway, we enjoyed our time together talking and picking on one another. Hit Wal Mart for a little bit, then a couple of stores at the mall. I did find a really cute jacket at Burke's Outlet I may go back after. I'm not usually an impulse buyer, but this was just really cute and I'm regretting not getting it. I might go back after it tomorrow. On the flip side, Bruce found him a couple of shirts he liked and bought them. I found a cute door ornament tonight. I call her my Ivy Fairy. LOL She'll be sweet hanging on my front door.

And then we came home. We're watching the picture video the kids brought home from camp. And thus concludes our Friday.
OH! By the way, we have a young preacher boy in our church that has started blogging. Brother Troy is one of my favorite preacher boys. He has such a tender heart for God and is a serious studen of the WORD! Please stop by his blog and read his posts and leave a comment if you will. He's a wonderful young man and this family loves him a whole lot!