Monday, July 12, 2010

Off To Camp and A Couple of Pics

I dropped the kids off at the church yesterday afternoon. They left for camp between services in hopes of making it to the camp's church for their Sunday evening service. Justin and Hannah were really excited about leaving for camp. This is Justin's last year. I've been worried about Justin coming down with the virus while he's at camp. He's the only one in our family that hadn't come down with it. I really hope it stays that way. I'd hate to think of him being up there sick, away from home....his own bed. I haven't heard from them so no news is good news, right?

On the way home from dropping them off I saw this little guy perched on top of an old birdhouse. He was just singing his little heart out. I decided to call him Sunday Songbird. He was just so sweet. He definitely was feeling better than I was. I wished I could have felt like singing the way he did.

We've had several frogs hanging around our house. Mainly the front porch. Bruce and I were sitting on the porch the other night and he told me there was a frog that had been living in a bucket under one of our porch benches.

Today I decided to sit on the front porch and just watch and listen to the rain, which we haven't seen in several weeks. I glanced over to the bucket under that bench and there sat this little guy.

It rained for fifteen to twenty minutes and he sat there, just like this, the entire time. I guess he was enjoying the rain as much as I was. LOL

When the rain stopped, he fell back down into his bucket.

Later in the evening it started raining again and he decided to enjoy it one more time. This time he hopped out of the bucket and sat where the rain would hit him a little bit. When the rain stopped, he went back into his bucket.
Isn't he cute?