Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Youth Rally and Farewells

This past Saturday we hopped the church bus and took some of our youth to a local youth rally at Brother Bo Wagner's church. It was the 2nd annual Red Blue Rally.

It was good to see Luke and Jordan there. That was a nice surprise. Sure do love those boys!

And it was also good to see Jason and his wife there. They're serving in full time ministry and came down to the rally. He hosted the Bible challenges. Jason and his sister Amber were just younguns when I worked at Liberty Baptist Christian School and Day Care. Seems like ages ago and now here he is a man of God. What a blessing!

The Cornerstone choir sang a couple of numbers for us. They did a great job.

After the message from Brother Wagner, it was good to see the alter full of teenagers all the way across. But the best part were the two young men that were saved.

I had to get a picture of Brother Randy in his security badge. He and his wife work with Bruce. They're a very sweet couple. We like them a lot. :)

The church also hosted an ice cream social after the rally. They had all kinds of toppings. It was really good and Bruce, of course, was in ice cream heaven!

We enjoyed ourselves at the rally. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

You've seen me post pictures and posts about my friend, Pam. Well, the Lord opened some doors for them recently and she and her family are moving to Alabama this week. Mrs. Meghan invited Mrs. Ava (our Pastor's wife), and some of Pam's friends from church that have been closest to her through the years, to have dinner together. We went to Red Lobster. The waitress took a picture with me in it too, but it came out bad blurry.

Mrs. Tammy (in the green) was also able to meet us there. She came over on her lunch break. We all hated to see her have to go but was glad she made it for a little while anyway.

And it was good to have the newly married Mrs. Brackett with us. She and Pam have gotten close over the last couple of weeks as Pam has been training her to take her job.

After eating at Red Lobster and sitting there talking for a couple of hours, we headed over to Krispy Kreme.
Mander and Amy....:)

Of course Pam had to wear the KK hat. We all signed it before the evening was finished.

Have you ever been in a doughnut shop with nine women? Decisions, decisions!

And yep....every one of us bought a box of doughnuts. Well, I mean, you can't go to KK and not get a box. Especially when you live thirty minutes or more away from a KK shop!

It was a nice, fun evening. Thank you, Meghan, for putting that together.
Praying for you and your family, Pam. Keep looking forward and grasp on to the opportunities God has for you and Brother Joel there in Alabama.