Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Fourth of July Weekend

Date night this weekend was spent at the Chinese restaurant...

followed by fireworks at our local mall. We laid out a sheet on the ground of a local business and waited for the display to begin. I believe Bruce could have fallen asleep if we had waited much longer. Bless his heart. He's so exhausted on Friday nights.

The display was good, although it wasn't as good as it has been in the past. A little disappointed, but I have to say the evening was nice with my hubby.

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at my parent's home for a cookout. My brother and nephew were there, along with the O'family and the Coopers.
(This is me and my nephew. He's only 15 and still has a few more years to grow.)

Mom was getting the burgers ready for the boys to grill.

Justin and Mikey did a great job on the grill. The burgers were yumm-O-licious.

Mom had these little cupcakes and they went like hotcakes!

Mrs. Cooper (She and her hubby are missionaries here to the states. They go to IFB churches around the states helping with their building projects. They're attending our church while waiting for our building projects to begin. They have been such a blessing!! What a sweet family!)

Justin was chillin' in the shade, enjoying the peacefulness.

My daddy...

H Cooper was thinking about the word she had for the game we were playing. A day with mom and dad usually includes a game of Catch Phrase.

S Cooper is funny gal.

Brother Cooper!

"Little John" playing Catch Phrase. Bless his heart, his feet were attacked by ants. NOT FUN!


Brother John O's her!

Brother John O' :)

Mi madre.

Mrs. her too!!!

No July 4th celebration is complete until you've had ice cream. :)

We had some pickin' and singin' too. The Cooper family brought their instruments and Bruce and Justin brought theirs. It was nice.
We had mandolins...




More guitars...

And a Celtic harp. Love that sound!!

This big guy was way up in a tree watching our festivities. ICK

After the cookout, Bruce and I took the kids to our town's firework display. They were fantastic!! This one had a heart shape in it. They had a few with smilies too.

It was a great 4th of July weekend. And Sunday we continued to celebrate GOD AND COUNTRY with Patriotic services combined with old fashioned preaching and singing. I had nursery Sunday morning and enjoyed the time with the little ones. But I also enjoyed the services Sunday night.
I hope each of you enjoyed your 4th too!