Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It's Wednesday night and I should be at church. But Hannah has come down with the stomach virus. It came on just a few minutes before she and Justin were going to leave for orchestra practice. Since then she's been in her bed or bowing before the porcelain throne. Bless her heart. I hope she's better soon and it doesn't go through the whole house. But I figure it's probably going to so I'm mentally ready for it. *sigh*

I've been told I'm a piece of work, so here I am as artwork. Mona ain't got nothin' on me. ha haa

We've had "Baby Girl" and "Tater Tot" the last couple of days. They're the foster daughters of some sweet people in our church. I haven't taken any pictures of them, which I really regret. I've stayed pretty busy and honestly haven't thought about it. Well, I have, but it was always when I was cleaning, doing laundry, or cooking. If they come Friday I'll have to take some. They are the cutest little girls and so sweet. We've enjoyed having them.

We had the Rohrer family over for supper last night. It looks as though they'll be moving out of state in the next week or so. It's going to be difficult packing everything up and moving to a whole new place. They started their family here. Their children have been raised in our church. All of their friends are here. They're involved in ministries here. But I know God is moving them for a reason and that He has a great church, good friends, and other ministries waiting for them where they're going.

We haven't started on our new building for the church yet. We're still waiting on some papers to arrive so we can get started on that. Seems like anytime things like this are going on, you're always waiting on "paper work." Red tape isn't all it's cracked up to be. LOL Can I just say, "HEY, RED TAPE PEOPLE, HOW 'BOUT SOME PAPERWORK ALREADY???" :) I figure it won't be too much longer.

A bloggy friend wanted to know if I had skype so she could call and talk to me about something. I do, but I was telling her the webcam on my laptop isn't working. Then I remembered I have another webcam Bruce bought me. But I can't find it. I found the little CD to install it, but the camera is no where to be found. I know it's around here somewhere. It's just a matter of where. As I finished typing that I thought of a place it's probably at. See, sometimes you just have to talk it out.

Well, I started this much earlier this evening and now here it is almost 12:00 am. I'm shutting it down and going to bed.

Goodnight, friends.