Monday, June 29, 2009

This weekend we celebrated my birthday, which is actually this Wednesday. Bruce invited my parents and my mother -in- law over for steaks off the grill, loaded potatoes, and salad. It was so good! He did an excellent job on the steaks!!

I opened my gifts, which were some personal things from my parents, plus cash (yee haw), a beautiful pocket book from my mother-in-law and some cash (yee haw), and a bundle of cash from Bruce (yee haw!!!!) I do believe a shopping trip is in the making, folks!

Dessert, of course, was a birthday cake with my favorite ice cream...cookies and cream. And cheesecake was optional.

All of this was followed by a picture DVD my darling hubby made for me. It was so sweet. It had pics of me with my family, children I've babysat, friends. It was great! I have pics, but we'll have to wait on those. No time to upload right now.

Then Sunday night we had a fellowship after church, eating up all the leftovers from the Patch Bowl, which was the older Patch Class's awards banquet. Harrison will be moving up to this class in the fall so we'll be able to attend the Patch Bowl again. It is always an interesting time to see the children go against their parents in Bible questions. Anyway, the fellowship Sunday night was great. We were able to get to know another family, that has been visiting, a little better. It's really almost scary the things our families have in common. I knew the mother and I were kindred spirits when she said she loved the show Snapped.

So that was my weekend. I have a feeling this coming weekend is going to hold some great things also!