Monday, June 8, 2009

A Flash From The 70's and 80's

Think I'll get up and clean the kitchen. There's nothing in there but dirty cups, glasses, and mugs. Five people in the house and forty-eight*slightly exaggerated* cups, glasses, and mugs to wash. What is up with that? I think I'll start making the kids drink from the water hose. Oh come on....y'all know your mama made you do the same thing when you were growing up. There was no such thing as filtered water or Dasani. They'd lock us out of the house and make us drink from the spiket when we were thirsty. Most of the time, we'd get peanut butter sandwiches passed through the kitchen window. On a good day, there would even be jelly on it! But don't leave it lying there. You'd come back to ants. And then we were told our plates better not be left outside. Hello, mom???? The door is locked!!!! So you knock on the door in hopes of getting in the cool house for just a moment, sneaking to your room to play quietly, only to be rejected by mother's hand slipping out to grab the plate just before shutting the door again. Followed by the sound of the clicking lock. You'd whimper, mosey on over to your swing set or tree house, wipe the sweat off your little red face, and think to yourself, Do striped shirts REALLY go with plaid pants?