Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello Mother, Hello Father, Here I Am At Camp Grenada!

Janet and Kendra picked Hannah and me up this afternoon so that Janet and I could drop Kendra and Hannah off at camp. Wow....that was a big sentence. Anyway!

We stopped at Olive Garden on the way for lunch and it was good. The fellowship was nice and at least we knew the girls had at least one GOOD meal before we see them again Friday. hehe....
When we got there we found out the camp was on the church property. So we got them checked in and registered in the main building.

Mrs. Janet bought the girls a camp shirt. The front said, The Race is on........09. It also has the name of the camp and location, but I blocked that case you're wondering what the smudges are. lol

They were given wrist bands to tell what teams they were on and if they had permission to go down the zip line.

Hannah and Kendra were put on seperate teams. Should inspire some friendly competition.

Next we....or rather they....retrieved their luggage from Mrs. Janet's van.

We took the girls to their dorm and were tickled at the rows of bunk beds. I can't imagine this many girls in one room. We'll have to pray earnestly for the dorm mother. lol

There was a laundry room in the girl's dorm so that was nice to know in case the girls ended up needing to wash something.

The girl's bathroom.... of the shower stalls.

The church has a printing ministry. They were busy printing away when we walked the facility.

This is the church's main auditorium.

I noticed they had a lot of lions in their decorations. I liked the gate on their fence.

This was the dorm. Boys on one side...girls on the other.

Another building on the property...not sure what they do there.

Hannah and Kendra were bubbling over with excitement. I really think they're going to have a good time.