Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick Post

*My dear daughter came home from camp. Click her blog at Sugar and Spice to see her pictures.
*Picked daddy up from hospital and took him home.
*Cleaned mom's bathroom and ran the vacuum for her.
*Outback and Krispy Kreme with my beloved.
*Dropped mom and dad off a KK doughnut on the way home.
*Slept good!

*Made DVDs for the youth group.
*Cut out some race cars for the banquet decor.
*Covered a door.
*Cut up onions. (I dislike that, by the way.)
*Helped Mrs. Janet with the covers for the DVDs.
*Took Mrs. Pam home.
*Went Father's Day shopping for my hubster.
*Instructed my kids on getting my car washed and cleaned out!!!!!!!
*Getting ready for Sigma Banquet tonight.

I'll have pics later. Sometime between now and Monday. Hope y'all have a great weekend!